Who is this club for?

Anyone to Everyone - Student , Maker, Working professionals are welcome to join us!

Any pre-requisites to join? Do I need to know the hardware?

Nope. None at all. This is a beginner friendly community, we all learn from each other and grow together.

What Code of Conduct do I follow?

We follow a safe and healthy environment policy, everyone from beginner to experienced is equal for us, Irrespective of sex, class, creed, nationality, sexual orientation. Only enthusiasm matters. You can read complete CoC here

Is this a paid / subscription based group?

No, it’s completely FREE! UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED for specific events

How can I contribute?

You can help us plan upcoming meetups, prepare talks and share your knowledge, help us with design and other awesome content. Options are limitless!

How can I propose a talk?

You can open an issue here and organiser can help you from there :

Any disclaimers?

Yes, since hardware projects can be a bit risky, we need to approach with caution. To keep this community and it’s partners interests safe, we follow a safety disclaimer. Read it here